Personal PAT Testing

Many of us know that businesses and landlords have annual PAT testing completed but we forget about all the electrical items we plug in and use in our homes every day.

Electrical items should be maintained and checked even at home. It is well known for fires to have started because of a faulty appliance or people to have electric shocks from appliances. Wouldn't it be better to have your appliances checked every year so you can feel a little safer in the knowledge that the appliances being used in and around your home by you and your family are as safe as they can be.

Here are some examples of faults that can be commonly found in and about the home:

  • Badly wired / replaced plugs
  • Incorrect fuses replaced into plugs
  • Home made extension leads with the wrong fuse / cable

Don't let simple but potentially dangerous faults cause problems when we can identify and in most cases resolve the fault for you.  Call or email your Local PAT Tester today.