Landlord PAT Testing

If you let a property then you have a duty of care to the tennant to make sure that any electrical appliances you supply with the property are safe. So this would include Fridges, toasters & kettles etc. etc. The best way to make sure you fullfill this duty of care is to have all the items Tested for electrical safety. We can put into place a program of planned testing son you get all your items tested at least annually and also we can test as a one off prior to a new tennant moving into the property.

The regulations on electrical appliances for landlords & letting agents

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, mandatory since 1 January 1997, state that all electrical appliances supplied with let accommodation must be safe. These regulations apply to both new and second-hand appliances and covers all electrical items supplied for the intended use of the Tenant. The only sure method of ensuring that these appliances are safe is to have them tested by a trained competent person using the appropriate calibrated portable appliance testing equipment.